Twenty years ago, in the back of a Lexington Avenue, Manhattan salon, an idea turned into a vision and that vision became a reality.

The idea was the beginning of a distributorship that would be based on the philosophy of; “by a hairdresser, for hairdressers.”  Growth was slow at first, partly because of the usual growing pains as well as our strong anti-diversion policy.  With time, patience and hard work, our vision materialized.  With our principal of integrity, our policies of good service and education in place as our cornerstones, we have grown into the full-service distributorship that we are today.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the people who made this vision real.  First, thanks go out to our valued clients.  We grew because of you and we thank you.  Next, in no particular order, are my Salon Sales Consultants, who pounded the pavement, went through sets of tires and knocked on door after door, our Education Department, who have spread the word. And of course, the Managers, most of whom have started at the bottom.  I would especially like to thank my partner in business and life: without my wife Anna, the vision wouldn’t have manifested into the success of today’s Piermarco team.

In closing, once again, I would like to thank all of our clients for their past and present loyalty to our Piermarco team.