Alfaparf Milano is a premier Italian manufacturer of hair care products.  Based in the fashion capital of the world, Milan serves as the perfect venue for Alfaparf to develop and showcase their innovative developments in the world of hair styling.

Specializing in hair restoration, Alfaparf Milano has created a vast line of products that carefully tackle hair damage.  Offering a vast number of products, each solution is designed to specifically target hair repair by its level of damage.  For slightly dry hair, Alfaparf’s Semi DiLino Diamond application will rejuvenate hair properly, whereas their Reconstruction is aimed at critically damaged hair.  Unparalleled to other brands; lipids, minerals, proteins and unusual yet effective ingredients are often key in Alfaparf’s avant-garde concoctions.


ALFAPARF MILANO professional colors are the ideal support for the best hairdressers and colorists’ color services, providing an endless choice of shades and reflections.

Evolution of the Color
Permanent Cosmetic Color

Color Wear
Tone on Tone Ammonia-Free Color

Thermae Spa
Permanent Ammonia-Free Cosmetic Color

Direct-Dyes No-Ammonia Color

Bleaching Products & Professional Accessories

Pigments Colors Everything


Discover the exclusive Customized Beauty Treatments by ALFAPARF Milano. Specific proposals for the uniqueness of every woman and her hair.
Guaranteed to restore hair to its original beauty regardless of its current condition.

Semi di Lino Scalp Care

Lisse Design Keratin Therapy

Hair Supporters

Hair Care

Thanks to innovative formulations rich in carefully selected and balanced active ingredients, the SEMI DI LINO line acts on the 3 different states of the fiber, to satisfy its specific requirements and follow a customized program to reach its optimal state

Precious Nature

Semi di Lino

Il Salone


ALFAPARF MILANO creates a wide and diverse range of cutting-edge styling products to suit the taste and personality of all.

Semi di Lino

S4U – Style 4 U

In addition to enhancing the health of hair, Alfaparf is dedicated to creating both the most natural color treatments as well as the most dynamic and cutting edge hair colors and styles.   For clients that desire a wholesome natural looking hair color, Alfaparf supplies a wide variety of naturals, ashes and neutralizers.  Colors including red intense, mahogany, copper, gold, beige and other rich shades are all desirable for contemporary fashionistas.  Along the lines of color, or in this case, lack of, Alfaparf’s ammonia free bleaching solution contains exclusive ingredients such as guar rubber and silk powder.  These exclusive ingredients protect the hair during this process with small amounts of keratine. To learn more about Alfaparf’s wide array of colors, contact us and ask about Alfaparf Colorwear

With 5 manufacturing plants, 38 international academies, 23 commercial academies and 300,000 clients worldwide, it is no surprise that Alphaparf has become such a trusted name. Charging various trends in the realms of photography, art and fashion, Alfaparf is the keystone in only the finest of salons.

In addition to their own brand, Yellow and Uomo are among other labels affiliated with Alfaparf.