Avlon started off with a sole employee in 1984 but has grown dramatically as the company today is credited with supplying salons with the most widely used and effective hair care products.  Best known for their affirm professional relaxer systems, Avlon’s most popular products are the FiberGuard Conditioning Relaxer System, Ferm permanent wave products, KeraCare Conditioning Hair Care System and MoisturColor professional hair color.



The ONLY relaxer system for Stronger, Healthier hair, FiberGuard retains more of the hair’s natural tensile strength compared to conventional relaxer systems.

Affirm® MoisturRight™ and StyleRight™ Hair Maintenance Products is a super luxurious exclusive line of products that help maintain your hair in the best possible health by nourishing each strand with rich moisturizing conditioners that penetrate deep into the hair and scalp. You will see the gorgeous results of using this amazing, innovative product line!

KeraCare® offers premium shampoos, conditioners and styling products to maintain the beautiful stylish looks your stylist creates – without sacrificing the strength and health of your hair or scalp.