Hayashi is a leading product responsible for combating hair loss.  To learn more about Hayashi’s Hinoki and 911 products contact us.

911 Emergency Pak

Hair that’s extremely damaged, dry, brittle, over processed, permed or color treated needs the instant relief of 911 Emergency Pak. An amazing, fast-acting, reconstructive, moisturizing formula that repairs hair on contact. Experience SILKY-SOFT, shiny, healthier hair.

33.8 fl. oz. bottle / 8.4 fl. oz. tube

911 Shampoo (sulfate free)

Interrupt the damage cycle of dry, over-processed hair with this nourishing and moisturizing formula. 911 Shampoo conditions, strengthens, repairs, protects, and adds body & shine.

33.8 fl. oz. bottle / 10.1 fl. oz. bottle

911 Protein Mist

This spray-on, leave-in Conditioner, Body Builder, and Protein Supplement is a superb detangler and bodifier that boosts hair’s texture and condition. Also effective as a pre-wrap for perms. For post perm, it eliminates chemical odors! Leave in for all day protection and experience hair that’s fortified with shine.

10.1 fl. oz. bottle

911 Leave In Repair Cream

Instant hair repair that stays with you all day. Moisturizes as it creates a silky softness, tames unruly locks, repairs split ends, strengthens, and adds texture and shine.

10.1 fl. oz. bottle

Hinoki Shampoo

A scalp therapy and volumizing cleanser that blocks dihydrotestosterone (DHT) on your scalp, while it reduces oil, dandruff, and sebum build-up. Makes the hair look better too, adding body and shine. This shampoo is a miracle worker!

33.8 fl. oz. bottle / 10.1 fl. oz. bottle

Hinoki Conditioner

A weight-free, detangling conditioner that adds hair strength and volume, while indirectly treating the scalp with Hinoki Oil. Also helps prevent split ends, hair breakage, and dry itchy scalp. Adds moisture to your hair and scalp without an oily buid-up.

33.8 fl. oz. bottle / 10.1 fl. oz. bottle

Hinoki Plus

A leave in scalp revitalizing spray with pure Hinoki Oil for serious scalp therapy. This product works like a surgical therapeutic strike to your scalp. The base ingredients are formulated to maximize the Hinoki Oil’s effect on the scalp, by concentrating it deeper into the skin.

10.1 fl. oz. bottle

Hinoki Thickener

A highly concentrated, leave in light-weight cream, made with ingredients that infuse the hair fiber with increased diameter. Indirectly treats the scalp with Hinoki Oil while making the hair shaft much stronger for less breakage. This leave in treatment does not add excess weight, keeping the hair stress-free.

10.1 fl. oz. bottle