Founded in 1983, Scruples has become one of the leading manufacturers of hair care and hair color products.  Renowned for developing hair color treatment products such as True Integrity, Illusionist, Hypnotic, Power Blond along with many others, Scruples products are found in exclusive spas worldwide.  Unlike the majority of companies, this family owned enterprise continually produces the highest quality products while implementing marketing techniques to ensure the success of each client salon.

Aside from the quality of service and degree of art within a salon, the quality of products are what fuels its success.  Chemists at Scruples use the most basic yet wholesome of ingredients to achieve striking hairstyle results.  Most products contain antioxidants such as orange flower extract or white tea leaf extract which helps shield hair from external environmental detriments such as pollution or solar damage. Sulfate free shampoos, serum blends and panthenol treatments for both the hair and skin are just a few unusual ingredients that can elevate the status of a salon.

In addition to distributing high quality hair products, Scruples is heavily involved in philanthropy.  Most recently, Scruples supported breast cancer research by donating over 84 percent of proceeds from their limited production of a high definition shaping spray called Pearlscriptives.  While this is only one example of a philanthropic endeavor, Scruples can help your business succeed while also supporting a greater cause.